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Oven Day

Many apologies for the late, late follow-up to the last post… We ran a successful crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter, raised funds for a new oven, and it should (if all goes according to plan, which honestly it hasn’t so far, but maybe it’ll start to now) arrive tomorrow! This will hopefully mean lots of good … Continue reading

Why “La Calavera”?

After many years of living in Mexico (where Eric, co-owner and baker, was born and where his dad’s side of the family is from), we knew that the celebration of Dia de los Muertos was our favorite time of the year. People remember their loved ones who have passed on, and they make their favorite … Continue reading

La Primavera

Springtime! Farmers markets are starting to open (or in the case of our beloved year-round markets, they’re welcoming the new fruits, vegetables and flowers of the season). We’ll be at 5 markets a week this season: Decatur Wednesdays, East Atlanta Village Thursdays, Morningside and Decatur Saturdays, and Grant Park Sundays. Hope to see you there, … Continue reading

The Breadule: An Update

Hello! We are making some changes to The Breadule for Fridays; the variety of loaves will be slightly decreased, but their will be plenty of what have consistently been our best-selling loaves on Fridays. So, the new Friday loaf line-up is: sprouted whole wheat bread (made with our homemade flour) supersourdough (long-fermented and tangy), cinnamon … Continue reading

¡Feliz Año Nuevo!

Hope 2015 is treating you right so far. Things are rolling along here; new and exciting pastries & treats are making their debut regularly, we have started serving up a little Mexican breakfast on Sunday mornings (soon to be more frequent) featuring molletes (mo-YEH-tes), which are SO tasty: one of our freshly baked rolls (your … Continue reading