Thanks for a great opening weekend!

Thanks for a great opening weekend!

We’re closed Mondays, but come on by any other day of the week for fresh bread, treats and coffee. Our Facebook page is the best place to find each day’s specific bread menu.


2 thoughts on “Thanks for a great opening weekend!

  1. You have a bakery! That’s great! It’s not in Tucker. 😦
    And I missed you at the Tucker Fatmer’s Market in Febraury. 😦
    Are you coming to Tucker’s Market tomorrow? I’d love to pick up some good bread.

    • Hello, Lori. We appreciate your reaching out to us. Right now we’re really tied up with trying to get our store off the ground; it’s taking up almost all our time, and the other time we have we’re at just a couple local intown markets. We’re not sure what kind of market schedule we’ll be able to take on this season, but we’ll keep everyone posted here and on Facebook. We’d love to see you at the bakery sometime. Thank you again!

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