¡Feliz Año Nuevo!

photo 1-44Hope 2015 is treating you right so far. Things are rolling along here; new and exciting pastries & treats are making their debut regularly, we have started serving up a little Mexican breakfast on Sunday mornings (soon to be more frequent) featuring molletes (mo-YEH-tes), which are SO tasty: one of our freshly baked rolls (your choice– the traditional bolillo, carrot spelt bread, multigrain, supersourdough, or a plain croissant [move over, cronut, because here comes the crollete…]) toasted and topped with refried beans, cheese, crema mexicana and salsa. ¡Que rico! What else is new? We’re offering a handful of tasty, locally made spreads for your bread: jams and marmalades from The Funny Farm, cultured butter from Banner Butter, and vegan cashew cheeses from Pure Abundance. Boy, are we lucky to enjoy these exquisitely crafted delicacies! New breads are in the works, too. We eagerly look forward to the re-blooming of several currently dormant local farmers markets this spring, but we LOVE our year-round markets and hope to see you there! Morningside and Decatur Farmers Markets, Saturday mornings, all year long!! Yes, there is LOTS of delicious, locally grown produce to enjoy and be nourished by, even during the winter. I promise. Come check it out. And get some fresh bread while you’re at it!

We are grateful beyond words to our customers and we hope you enjoy your bread. ¡Muchas gracias!


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