About Our Bread


Sprouted wheat bread – This is made using our own homemade flour. We soak and then sprout organic whole wheat berries by keeping them moist until they begin to germinate and become a plant. We dehydrate these sprouts and mill the dried sprouts into a flour.

What’s the purpose of this? During the sprouting process, the starchy portion of a grain or legume is digested by the young plant, leaving less starch and more proteins, vitamins and minerals for us, the sprout-eaters. Sprouts are a high-nutrient food, as they contain the vitamins, minerals and enzymes that are necessary for a plant to grow. Additionally, in a sprouted state, a grain or bean offers minerals that are more bio-available to us, or more easily absorbed by our bodies. This is because phytates, a group of natural compounds which inhibit mineral absorption, are reduced in sprouted grains.

Sourdough – Many of our breads start with our homemade natural sourdough starter. It was made using natural yeast from the skin of organic apples. This starter eliminates the need to use commercial yeast and results in a delicious bread with a great, springy texture.

Sourdough is as nutritious as it is tasty: it has a lower glycemic index (a measure of how high and how quickly blood sugar spikes after eating a food) than bread made with commercial yeast. Also, like our sprouted grain breads, sourdough makes certain minerals in whole grains more bio-available to our bodies by helping to break down phytic acid, which inhibits mineral absorption. 

Our supersourdough is fermented for several days before being baked. This long fermentation time gives the gluten in the dough more of a chance to break down. The longer a dough is allowed to ferment, the more sour the flavor becomes and, due to the broken-down gluten structure, the more easily digestible it may be for some individuals (although everyone is different, and a bread that’s great for one person may not be for another). 

Pastries, treats and pan dulce – We use organic flour, eggs, milk, fruits and vegetables in our baked goods. We make a point of finding locally grown, seasonal produce to incorporate into both sweet and savory breads, like our fresh fruit danish.



23 thoughts on “About Our Bread

    • No, I’m sorry, we don’t. We offer orejas (puff pastry ears), marranitos (molasses ginger piggy cookies), pay de elote (sweet corn custard/cake), empanadas and more.

    • We do not make any gluten-free breads. The closest thing we offer to that is a long-fermented sourdough (our “supersourdough”). The dough for this bread ferments/rests for 6 days before it is baked, which allows the gluten a chance to become very broken-down and thus easier for some gluten-sensitive people to digest. We don’t use canola oil in our breads.

  1. I recently attended the East Atlanta Farmer’s Market where I found Paula(?) standing behind a little table of breads and pastries. It all looked very tasty and it was not hard to make a choice. We took home a savory empanada and an orejas to sample. Move forward 24 hours and I AM IN LOVE! Both of these were delicious, delicate, decadent and packed with flavor. I plan on visiting this little booth in this little market every week until the day I die, it was that good. There is only one problem…there were only a few of each item displayed and I plan on loading up next time I visit, so….make sure she brings plenty! 5 STARS!

    • So glad you enjoyed our stuff! I am Dale, and I am the one who was selling our bread and pastries at the East Atlanta Village Farmers Market on Thursday. Thank you so much for coming to the market. We are there every Thursday from 4-8PM and hope to see you again soon.

  2. Questions regarding the supersourdough:

    1. What kind of flours are used? Any rye?

    2. Do you grind the flour yourself shortly before adding it to the dough?

    3. Are the whole grains or flours subjected to any excessively high or low temperatures before being added to the dough?


    • Hi there.
      1.We use organic white bread flour in the supersourdough.
      2. We do not mill our own flour for the supersourdough. The only bread for which we produce our own flour is our sprouted whole wheat bread.
      3. No.
      Thanks for your interest.

  3. Do you have any interest in making bread using organic einkorn flour? I would love to try to make bread us My this flour but have no skills baking bread 🙂

  4. Is the white flour you use enriched? I know you say you use organic, but wondering if Iron or Riboflavin is added? Trying to find un-enriched breads.

    LOVE y’all’s stuff. Keep it up!

    • Thanks for your interest. Our ORGANIC breads are made with un-enriched, un-bleached un-bromated flour. Our other, conventional breads are made with enriched flour (but it is unbleached and unbromated).

  5. Do y’all ever make sprouted wheat supersourdough?! Or would you be open to a custom order of it? I know the texture would probably be a little different, but I’d be happy no matter what! Promise! 🙂

    • Thanks for asking– the sprouted wheat flour simply will not hold up well over the long fermentation time that is necessary to make our supersourdough. It’s already a low-gluten flour, and then the fermentation process breaks the gluten down… it would be a mess, unfortunately. We are thinking of trying a whole grain version of the supersourdough at some point in the future, and we will let folks know if and when we do.

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