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Our sprouted whole wheat bread is made with our homemade flour, milled fresh for every batch.


Our supersourdough is a long-fermented, extra tangy bread that’s easy for many people to digest because of its broken-down gluten structure.


Fresh fruit danish and savory empanadas

photo 1-28

           Pan de muerto is a traditional Mexican sweet bread flavored with orange blossom water. It’s made and eaten around Dia de los Muertos at the beginning of November.


Whole grain levain is tangy and versatile.


Oat porridge bread is soft and fluffy inside with a nice chewy crust.


Carrot spelt bread has pumpkin seeds and dried chiles; fennelina is made with toasted black & white sesame seeds and fennel seeds and semolina.


We use organic fruits and vegetables in our breads and pastries, and local ingredients when possible.

rosca copy

Rosca de reyes is a seasonal treat traditionally made for El Dia de Reyes (Three Kings Day); it’s soft, sweet and made with candied fruit.


Marranitos (little piggies) are molasses ginger cookies. We make ours gluten-free.


2 thoughts on “Take a Look

    • Yes, all of our loaves in our regular rotation are dairy-free (unless we make something out of the ordinary which contains cheese or milk chocolate). As for pastry, most contain dairy products, but we do have a selection of vegan treats which do not.

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